Lone, never alone.

aGesic is a system based on a simple App for the safety of lone workers.
This app protects the employees improving the safety of those operating alone and in the event of illness or accident, alerting immediately the rescuers.

The problem

Work done alone exposes to a very high risk:
In case of emergency or illness, no one but only the unfortunate is able to give the alarm

Mario is a worker

and his tasks include inspection and maintenance, which also take him to rather isolated places.

Mario leaves the company

to go to a distant site to carry out the control of an installation.

on site...

time passes but Mario still no news. Do not return and where can be.

Mario is a good person and a model worker.
at home his family is waiting for him.
You choose the ending of this story

Reliable, easy to use, affordable sustainable for the company, aGesic can solve the employer’s safety obligations, mitigating the risk related to work in isolated places.


It allows to intervene immediately on emergencies occurred to people who work in a condition of potential risk, knowing exactly their position, thus protecting their health and safety.


The system of immediate emergency detection, combined with the exact position of the person in danger, allows a timely and accurate intervention, thus reducing the aggravation of the current danger.


aGesic does not use dedicated hardwares available for the common Android or iOS smartphones on the market.


It allows to the companies to drastically reduce social/health costs due to occupational accidents of their staff.


Compared to the "man-down" devices on the market, aGesic offers a higher level of accuracy, minimizing false alarms. Such devices trigger the alert when the operator, for illness or accident, assumes the horizontal position (in fact we speak of "man on the ground alarm", "man down alarm "or "dead man alarm").

However, an accident does not always lead to a fall to the ground: aGesic sends an alarm when the device detects the lack of movement.aGesic does not need external devices, working on two levels: the App on the worker’s phone and the control panel that receives the alarms.


The aGesic App is characterized by an extreme simplicity, to be used must only be started.
It will automatically monitor the health of the operator during his movements.

aGesic Move

Thanks to the small size of this device, which integrates the motion sensor, the operator can perform his activities safely, without wearing the smartphone.


A control panel that can be consulted via Desktop, Notebook, Laptop and Tablet. Wherever you are, you will always have all the functions of aGesic without having to install any software. The safety of your employees always at hand.

allarme manuale

Manual alarm

In cases of imminent danger or need for help, the operator can quickly send the alarm thanks to the panic button.

allarme automatico

Automatic alarm

The app detects the danger status and triggers the alarm procedure, allowing the timely sending of rescues

allarme vocale

Voice alarm

In cases of aggression or other emergency, the alarm is activated by voice command, simply shouting the word HELP.

allarme caduta

Fall alarm

If the system detects an acceleration due to a sudden fall, an alarm is generated and immediately notified to the company.

aGesic, the smart solution for your lone workers

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  • Personalized training
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  • Integration with business systems

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